Science and Fiction

Some recent tidbits of information from sciences and fictions seem to connect the dots.

On the science side:

  • Plant microbiomes. "Distinct microbial communities live inside roots, on leaves and within flowers, and all in all have an estimated three to six orders of magnitude greater genetic diversity than their plant hosts." These microbes hold a key to plant health and yield. The article noted that large agri-chemical companies, such as Monsanto, are investing heavily to develop "living crop aids."
  • Epigenetic inheritance. Evidence is mounting that environmental factors (such as exposure to pollution and stress) can be passed on through multiple generations through epigenetic markers -- not DNA, but affects how DNA manifests in future generations. That is to say, exposure to toxic chemicals -- that's everyone these days, as well as trauma and stress -- such as racism and fear, will be passed on to several generations. Many of the chemicals and stresses are produced by the same companies that we are counting on (in above bullet point) to save us.


Non-status-quo Economy

Our modern, industrial-growth civilization is sick. In both senses of the word: it is ill, and sickening. It is the cause, and the effect. There is no need to run through the list of deep problems in our economy, society, ecosystem, and spirituality -- our collective consciousness.

At the same time, the Earth's "immune response" is being activated. For example, it seems that, every other day, a new proper noun is born -- "this economy," "that capitalism" -- in a global struggle to give language to our new consciousness, and to find a way out of our economic, ecological and spiritual abyss. Here are some notable ones: Regenerative Economy, Sharing Economy, Collaborative Economy, Restorative Economy, Responsible Economy, Steady-state Economy, Circular Economy, Natural Capitalism, Sustainable Capitalism, Green Capitalism, Spiritual Capitalism ...


Pouring Out Scattered Thoughts

Thoughts swirling in the head tend to take up precious mental bandwidth, and consume emotional and psychic energy. Here's pouring them out, and writing my way into clarity and freedom of mind.

Some scattered thoughts on TINA, on the danger of success, on difficult questions for consultants, on two types of work worth doing, and on giving more than money.

1. There is no alternative. TINA.

Capitalism, because there is no alternative. Status quo, because there is no alternative. In fact, there is no deficit in possible worlds, but there is a deficit in the ability to dream, to disclose, and to create new worlds.