Christmas Eve in New York

I didn't went out into the city. I spend the whole day at home, readjusting myself after a crazy, funny week.

I send out some emails. And as I looked back on my first four months here, I suddenly feel a strong wave of gratitude. I've been very lucky to be in a cool college, study with great professors, going to classes and go in and out of Saga with good friends... and today when I called my host family, I got my Canadian Visa eventually.

This is a very nice start, and I'm having a great time everyday.

OK, a couple of friends came in, so no more mood for meditation and confession =)


Zilong in New York 12/23/09

OK, where shal"l I start.

I'm now sitting in Time Square and using the free Wi-Fi. A hour later I will go watch my fourth Broadway Show "FELA. Yesterday I went to see a live comedy for three hours. It was pretty dirty, erotic and racist. Anyway, this is also a part of the culture, very revealing and interesting.

Today I spend a couple of hours in the Museum of Modern Art. I was equally confused as before. Some doors just remain closed for me.

However, the visit to the Rockefeller Center is great. I went on to the top of the building, twice, once in the day, once at night. Both views are breathtaking. The art work in the Rockefeller Center is very different. They are very powerful and global, giving people a feeling of "I came, I saw and I conquered." Looking at these art works, I gained a better understanding of the inner world of those elites who are building the New World Order. In a sense, they are not normal human. They are standing at a different height.

The schedule for these days are pretty crazy, and I don't really know how much money I've spent, but I'm within control and need no bail-out from my parents.

We are like little boats sailing in the sea of dream and reality, greed and fear. When the world around us goes crazy, we have a stronger need for an anchor. Religion, love, work, whatever. I'm still in the process of building and strengthening my own anchor. Otherwise, we will lose ourselves in the sea of the world, and the waves of desire will break us into pieces.


Zilong in New York 12/20/09

I just came back from my second Broadway Musical "Mama Mia". It is crazy, and the audience went crazy, too. Yesterday I went to the musical "Memphis", very different from Mama Mia, but equally cool.

These two musicals has been the highlight of the day! And thanks to the "Student Rush Tickets", I can go to these world class shows with 1/4 of the original price.

Speaking a foreign language is a blessing. I made many friends these days because of German language. I heard them speaking German to each other, so I just went up and join them. A few minutes later we start to exchange emails and so on.

I've been to both Columbia University and New York University these days. They are very different. Columbia University is like a exhibition of architecture. It's amazing. Living in such an environment definitely makes people instantly smarter =)

NYU is right in the middle of the city, therefore has no real campus. I wouldn't be able to concentrate on my academics in such an urban environment.

I really want to write more, but so many things has happened, and so many things are going to happen. It will take a whole night to write about what happened in the day. Hope you all are having a great and warm holiday!


Going to New York City

My friends here leave for home one after another. It made me a bit lost for a while, but when I think about the journeys ahead of me, I feel alive again.

New York City is one of the greatest cities in the world. I will spend more than half a month in this amazing city, visiting the financial district, museums, universities, some China-related institutions and several Zen centers, and much more. I don't yet have a clear plan. Let's surprise!


Rust and Dust & Hampshire

I just came back from the show "Rust and Dust". I really liked it. I don't know too much about theater, but I really enjoyed the devotion and passion of the students!

Hampshire offers a very good platform for people to carry out and try out their ideas. The opportunities are everywhere for everybody. It just take some effort to get it. I appreciate this.

There are problems everywhere. I've heard students saying Hampshire is becoming a bit like a place where people are different in the same way, and different differences are not welcomed. But I think Hampshire is still too young to have prejudice, and Hampshire will keep changing. That's why we are here.



It's Thursday night. I have no classes for tomorrow, so I want to relax a bit and watch something interesting. I remembered a friend told me about the film: Zeitgeist. Something like conspiracy theory. I though that might be fun, and I watched it. (On Google Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197#)

I am not relaxed after watching it. Not at all. I know that explaining things with the label of "Conspiracy Theory" is a lazy way of discovering the truth. But the fact and details unveiled by this film is too powerful and strong, especially the part on 9.11. I believe "Zeitgeist" is much closer to the truth than the official explanation.

At the same time, I feel very confused. I can't understand why those "elites" are doing all these things. I can't understand their motivation of building a world government, making that much money or controlling the world. And I think they are never going to succeed because this kind of super power is just not suitable for any group of human. This super power will destroy anyone who try to get it.

In comparison to US, Chinese government may lack transparency. But everyone knows the logic, desire and purpose of the Party and high officials. So people understand and tolerate, to some extend, the corruptions because we are all human being. But what was revealed in the "Zeitgeist" movie, it's just crazy and impossible for normal people to comprehend: why they are doing this? what for? Where do they want to go?

I'm still too far away from the truth.