Why I Committed Facebook Suicide

In the eyes of Facebook, the most important events in my life are: Born --- Joined Facebook --- Started Using Facebook for Android.

And I can’t change this peculiar display of my life’s meaning. Upset by Facebook’s dictatorship and arrogance, I decided to leave the Empire by committing Facebook suicide --- terminating my Facebook Avatar, shutting down my account, and never return. This is probably one of the most liberating things.


Book Review: A Sand County Almanac

A Sand County Almanac: with essays on conservation. By Aldo Leopold, Oxford University Press

A Sand County Almanac, published in 1948, is hailed as one of the sacred texts of the environmental movement. (Other literary cornerstones being mentioned in the Introduction of this book include Thoreau’s Walden, Marsh’s Man and Nature, and Carson’s Silent Spring.)


A World Saved

Should I go to law school on a full-tuition scholarship? I used to say to myself that this is a no-brainer. Really, what do I have to lose? Law school opens so many doors, and a JD title sounds quite impressive --- especially back home in China. And I don’t even have to pay a dime! Isn’t it an idiot-proof option?

Or so I thought. And I was indeed a full idiot for thinking like that.


Three Realizations Over the Summer

Summer is a time of change and growth. Over the past summer, there were three realizations that helped to shape my life.