The Courage To Be Good & Unity of Spirit and Material, Self and World

1. The courage to be good

A recent conversation with friend woke me up to a surprising realization: I seem to have regained the courage to be good, after years of hiding behind the cover of evil.

We are born with both good and evil in us. We grow up breathing both, unconsciously. Around middle school, when I started to differentiate between good and evil, a few forces pushed me to intentionally renounce good and embrace evil.


Reflections on Free Flowers, Good Work, and Root Cause

Autumn, a season of harvest, in the field, and in the heart. Here are some recent reflections.

1. Would you like a free flower?

On Friday afternoon, a colleague was giving away her vase of fresh flower that would otherwise die over the weekend in the empty office. Another colleague joked, someone should take it on the bus and hand it to people.

What a great idea! So I took the flowers after work, and walked along the Embarcadero and handed them to strangers. “Would you like a free flower?” I asked whoever was passing by.