Biking Across USA

In Summer 2013, I rode a bicycle from Hampshire College in Western Massachusetts to San Francisco, CA.

I traveled by myself, knocking on strangers' doors every evening to ask if I could camp in their backyard. While biking, I finished listening to the Old Testament, the New Testament, the Quran, Moby Dick, and the Book of Mormon, on audio book.

Below is the map of the leisurely ride. Each dot represents the family I stayed with that evening.

View Bridge on Two Wheels in a larger map

I recorded the observations and reflections from the journey at this blog. You can find the series of essays by browsing the blog archive from June to August 2013, or by clicking here. You can find a list of frequently asked questions on the road, and my answers, here. These essays share the stories, scenery, as well as philosophical interludes on politics, religions, and life. 

I graduated in May 2013 from Hampshire College, a college that changes life in the most meaningful and unexpected ways, and a place that create tomorrow's entrepreneurs of change. Here is a video where I delivered the student remarks at Commencement.

In September 2013, I will start as an intern at Blu Skye, a strategy consulting firm that creates harmony between the ecological and the economic systems.


PS said...

Hello!! My friend Alicia recommended that I check out your blog since I will also be traveling for a little bit next month. I hope your journey is going well! Best of luck!

PS said...

Also, just another thought that reminded me of your trip - ever read Zen and the Art of Motorcycle Maintenance? Let me know. Would love to send you a copy!

And also, what inspired you to study religions and religious texts during this trip?

Bike Tour 2012 - Lisbon to Frankfurt said...

Hey mate,

Congratulations on completing you’re first long one. You are a lucky man to discover the beautiful way to travel, so early in life. Hope you get more in… and welcome to San Francisco.

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