Double Ninth Festival 重阳节

Today is the traditional Chinese “Double Ninth Festival”, which has been celebrated since A.D 25. Nine is the Yang number according to the Chinese Yin-Yang philosophy; the ninth day of the ninth lunar month (or double nine) is certainly a special day in the year. It is customary to climb a high mountain, drink chrysanthemum wine, and wear the Zhuyu plant as celebration. (Both chrysanthemum and Zhuyu are very good Chinese medicine!) Today the holiday is a time for family reunion and also an opportunity to care for and appreciate the elderly.

This is an often-quoted poem about the holiday:



In English means :

As a lonely traveler in a foreign land,

Every holiday the homesickness amplifies.

Seems quite suitable for me, ha. But I don’t really feel homesick these days. Maybe I am too concerned with my future and dreams. There seems no need or time to look back or to feel homesick. There is a magic force driving me.What I'm doing is only not to make myself regret.

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