Picking Nuts

Just now I went down to the garden with my host dad to pick nuts from the garden. There's a big tree (maybe seventy years old) in the garden and he generously give thousands of nuts every year to anyone passes by. I guess we harvest several hundreds of fresh nut today by just picking them up from the ground! It would be a great fun to have a Nuts-Picking Competition with our lovely neighbors. I have already think of the title: This World is Full of Nuts.

But this is not my main point. I feel a little bit "renewed" by this picking nuts experience. Think of this: the trees absorbing just water and nutritions from the earth, grow such beautiful and various fruits every year and award them to any who would like to bend down to pick the fruits up, free of charge. How magnificent nature is! Breathe joyfully in the fresh air, kneeling down on the grass, kneeling down to the nature. When receiving this gift from the nature, I feel grateful and almost religious. I naturally want to "Thanks Giving". I "caress" the tree a while to thank him and left the easy-to-pick nut on the ground so the cute little kids from downstairs can also have fun.

This is a very rewarding experience, and I'm lucky to spend one year here in Germany staying closer to mother nature. And at the same time, I have a stronger desire to do something so that in the future, there's also a fruit tree for each Chinese family in the garden, and all Chinese kids can enjoy the gift from the nature and love our earth. If we love nature, appreciate its beauty and be grateful to its generosity, we won't damage the environment, pollute the water and extort our earth like what we are doing now!

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