three sentences on U.S. Election

Frau Krieche, our dear headmaster of Spalatin, gave me an interesting task: say three sentences in German about the U.S. Election, in our English class. And here are my words:

Die Wahlen in der USA sind wie eine Feuerwerk. Beide verbrennen viel Geld und bringen Unterhaltung. Der einzige unterschied ist, dass das Feuerwerk niemanden verletzt, aber die Wahlen können den Rest der Welt schädigen.

And in English it means: the U.S. Election is like a firework show. They both burn a lot of money and bring entertainment. The only difference is that the firework show don't hurt anyone, but the U.S. Election will harm the rest of the world.


Anonymous said...

Zilong, your words sounds surprisingly cynical. I know US policy CAN, and frequently DOES, hurt other parts of the world, but I believe we must retain hope that real change can happen and that one person can make a difference.

I wish you peace and continued enjoyment in your travels.

Zilong Wang said...

Thank you for pointing out the unnecessary and self-righteous cynicism! It is indeed oftentimes embarrassing to revisit our own writings from a few years ago. Hopefully, it's a sign that we have since moved on to more mature places!