yesterday's jogging & National Day

Yesterday on the sport lesson, we had a 20 min running, without a break. I remember that after coming to Germany, I ran only once and was just five or six second, from the road into a shop because it suddenly rained. So, it was not a easy job yesterday. The only thing I'm proud of is that I'm faster than all the girls, ha! I was questioning myself while breathing like dog: what's the matter? China won 51 gold medals in the Olympics! And I was quite a good sportsman in my class in China. Maybe the medalists have done the sports for the whole country.

No, it should not be that only the professional athletes are doing huge amount of practice to prove the strength of the nation while the rest just lie in couch and watch the live broadcast. Sports are good and essential for the future of the country. What if one day we need an army to defend our freedom but no one was strong enough to run 20 minutes without a break? What if one day, the lack of sport makes men and women so weak that they can't give birth? Report says the pollution and lack of sports are seriously influencing the quality of sperm. This is suicidal to a country, no matter how big a population we are having now.

Today is Oct, 2nd, and it's a good day because yesterday was Chinese national day and tomorrow is German national day. Both sides are having a good time, away from any school. Happy Birthday to you both!

2008 is a big year for China. From the Olympics to the successful Shen Zhou 7 space mission with a space walk. We have fought with the horrible snow storm early in Feb, and the catastrophy of Wenchuan Earthquake in May. Our nation is trying to find his way back to be a responsible and health China, and I'm proud to be a part of him. At the same time, I know about the unbelievable scandle of tainted milk powder, and hear criticts on the lip-syncing on the Olympics Opening. It's a long long way to go, and it's full of opportunities as well as crisis.

Today the world has become very sensitive to China's growth. It's a good thing to hear voices from new perspectives, but it can also generates emnities and misunderstandings. Everyone should be especially careful to keep this precious peace, relatively. China must play his role, and how I'd love to play my part well and beautifully, as a global citizen, for the wellfare of all.

2008 is also a big year for the whole world. The drastic financial crisis, Russia's unpredictable move, ect. This requires us to really view the world as a whole and adopt the global citizenship, not the narrow nationalist one. Actually, we have no choice. We can't turn and go away because the world is too small. You will meet the problem at the next corner. That's why I'm applying for Macalester College in Minnisota, USA, despite its frezzingly cold weather. Mac has foresee this trend and has been doing a good job educating their students and providing them with a bonanza of opportunities. I hope to join them and give my performances and ideas, they will surely benifit from it.

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