Hi, it has been some time since my last update. But the title of my last blog passage seem to be able to cover the whole period from Christmas to Chinese New Year.

As the Chinese New Year is already here, I wish you a happy, healthy and bullish "Year of Ox"!

What's more, the day after tomorrow will be my grandma's birthday, which is also the day when, as we Chinese believe, the "God of wealth" comes. Hurry!

I will be traveling a lot in 2009. Last month, I went with Spalatin-Gymnasium to a Ski Urlaub (Skiing Holiday) in Austria. It is one my my best memory! I love it! Ten years later, I think I will come back and stay in the same hotel again for a week or so.

Next week, I will be going to Czechs, also a Ski Urlaub, with the Brueder Kirche. Some of my classmates from Spalatin will come together. And in March, I will go to Munich for my Middle Seminar with other exchange students from YFU. In April, I will go with my friends to the Taize Fahrt in France. I'm really looking forward to this. Maybe I will hear stronger call from God. In May, I will go to Vienna with my 11th grade classmates, Studienfahrt. I don't have a plan yet for June, but I'm sure it will come to me. In my last month in Germany, I will travel with my host family to France, with some kind of boat. Wonderful!

Ah, this year in Germany is like a gift, no homework, easy school. Actually, my whole life is like a gift, and certainly entertainment is not my only goal. Instead, I will make every experience an great entertainment, and have fun in every step in my travel. Traveling make man wise and strong.

I think German (language) is very beautiful and interesting. I have even dreamed in German for one or two times, ha!

Schlaf Gut!

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