New Project

Life can be very easy for me this year. But this is not what I am asking for. I will make more "troubles" for myself because "If I rest, I rust".

So in the following month, I will do something extra. Each weak, I will pay attention to a certain topic of my own choice and interests. I will read and discuss and write an essay (or something like an essay) on this topic.

I have already decided on the following themes:

1. Chinese eat dog?---one of the most frequently asked question in Europe and one of the biggest misunderstanding.

2. School in China and in Germany---I'm working on it now. Very inspiring topic.

3. Tibet---maybe I will keep quite first. But from what I see and hear in Germany and from the free internet, I feel the need to address my opinion.

I will know the true challenge only if I start. Sometimes I am just too lazy. But now I will build the new habit. When realize what is right, just do it. Fight the gravity!

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