Google's next weapon - image search

Google is a great company. What they have done always surprises us. Sometimes, I would think: what other crazy things will they do?

I got an idea of "image search" when I was in Dresden. Near the Frauen Kirche, I was surrounded by tourists around the world. Most of them has got certain kind of digital camera, and how diligent they are, taking photos 360 degree. I'm sure that I had appeared on the corner of many photos they took. Then, many of them might upload their photos on the Internet.

I begin to think: what if people can search for images with images? For example, someone give in the image of me, and Google will find my face over the whole Internet. Then anyone in the world can know where I am, what I am doing and what kind of girls I have beside me.

Now, all search engines are searching for words. Even those "Image" function, they can only search for the name of the images.

Maybe the next step for Google, is to develop the tech which can really search for images.

This will be cool, and disastrous. It's like the big brother watching us. The photo takers are not aware that they are a part of a huge voluntary network, all over the world.

FBI might be very interested.

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Anonymous said...

That would be amazing.
I think one day someone can do it.
Nothing can defeat man!