Our way

My destiny and service lie in the revival and globalization of Chinese civilization. However, China is out of the "main stream" and is excluded from the real decision makers and big players. Although China is very often the headline or focus of internatinoal media, but China is really at the bottom of the food chain and still struggling for a survival. This is also dangerous because the majority of the world population is the victim and prey of the globalization. This is such a upset truth that I keep asking how we (as well as the other marginalized countries and cultures) can join the "club".

I used to think that we have to copy the model from the developed world as fast as we can. But now I begin to realize that we should make our own standard, have our own ideas. But we have to understand their systems first. It took them hundreds of years to build their empire. We will use much less time to rebuild the Chinese one, but it's extremely hard way, and we are too young and naive. But it doesn't matter.

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