I am taking "African Development" with Professor Frank Holmquist this semester.

I'm interested in Africa for different reasons.

First, Africa is not organized. That means chances and possibilities. Too developed countries tend to be boring.

Second, Africa has resources by all definition. It is under-developed, and it is the paradise for adventure. And, China will certainly have a active role to play. We can help to make China a responsible giant.

Third, Africa is where the largest and most frequent misery of the world come from. To alleviate the suffer of mankind, Africa is a good place to start.

But at the same time, Africa is so far away from my world and my understanding. That's why I find hard to read the papers about that region. I don't have that background.

Reading the history of Africa, it gives me a better understanding of the accumulation of capital, how merciless, how cruel. It tells me that there's no need to shout for my rights. I have to be the powerful, then I can enjoy my rights. Not the other way.

Now as an individual, I'm mostly attracted to this piece of land by its hidden opportunities. But I'm expecting changes.

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junlu said...

Exactly. Negotiating power depends on how much strength we have.