"Blood and Oil" by Prof. Michael Klare

I'm lucky to have Michael Klare as my first year advisor at Hampshire College. I just watched his film "Blood and Oil" on Youtube. It is a great documentary/interview. I recommend it to you. Here's the link:

This film gives me a new perspective of understanding the history from 1940s till now. A lot of confusing US foreign policies become clear. I think Professor Klare really catches one of the most important issue of today's world: resources and the global competition for resources. In the end, resource is survival.

China is hungry. US is concerned. I hope China won't use violence and other evil means to acquire resources. Africa is a good place to start try something new.

Maybe China could build more hospitals and schools (or even Confucius Institutes) when they build pipelines and railways in Africa. We should offer the world an alternative.

Obviously, that is not what's going on in China now. But this is the reason why I come to an American College. I will learn, I will understand, and I will do it.

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