I love my life at Hampshire College

Yes, Saga food is not that good, but the people there are fabulous! You know Roberta. And the people at Post office and House Office and XX office, they are so lovely and helpful.

The professors are really our friends. I really treasure this quality.

And I love to go to Ficom. It is just so entertaining and I learn a lot of things.

Almost everything is free. There's money running around, all you need to do is dig it out.

OPRA is amazing! Just talk to the people there, and you will love them.

I'm working for Spiritual Life Office. I almost think that I should pay them instead of being paid because I enjoy working there.

My hall in Dakin is cool and quite (not always, honestly, Ha!) and very friendly, which is great. And we have single rooms. What else can I ask for?

The Chinese students here are like a big family. I am very grateful.


Thank you all, my friends!

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RondadoR said...

Wow Zilong you are so optimistic!, good to read you, now I feel that I am studying in an outstanding place and it makes me happier jeje.

See you soon,