NBA - Hollywood

NBA is like a successful Hollywood story. They produce super stars. They make script and uses media to arouse the expectation. They take every chance to make stories, make products and make money, which is great.

David Stern made NBA international and generated billions of revenue from his global strategy. Just look at Yao Ming, he has opened a 1.3 billion people market. But David Stern has invested in Chinese market for more than 1o years before NBA starts to make any money. He send free copies of NBA shows to China, and broadcast NBA in China for free since last century. And all these NBA expansions are based on Win-Win situations, which created a new market out of nothing, making several millionaires per year. Nobody would rejects such ideas. No one is being harmed. Everyone just has got either a lot of fun or a lot of money.

Stories like NBA and Harry Potter are so inspiring. They are making miracles. There will definitely be more and more stories like this, and most of them will happen in emerging economies. Material and physical demand won't expand forever and fast enough. But there will be no limit for cultural and media industry because new demand are constantly being created.

One possible negative influence is that all these commercial success don't have a deep culture and humanity core. And humanity and the right values are what we urgently need to establish. Maybe we can use the same business strategy to promote worldwide cultural exchange and build branches of Confucius Institutes.

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