Thumbs-up for Emma Watson

I am doing case study on the commercial success of Harry Potter, and the actress of Hermione Granger (Emma Watson) caught my attention for a while.

Miss Watson is a good actress. She is pretty and smart. What differentiate her from most of the other young actresses is her personality, intelligence and maturity.

She maintained very impressive academic performance ("in the A category") while shooting all the films. She is now a first year at Brown University.

She showed great maturity, balance and self-control as a young, rich, world-famous, successful actress. She is not wasting her gift.

I think she has got almost everything a girl could ever dream of, though I am not professional on girls' dream. Emma Watson has earned money and fame and very unique experience at such a young age. She is beautiful and smart and interesting.

We are glad that she is using her "endowment" very well and is having a "sustainable development". Too often is the case that young stars lose control in front of the crazy world and get drowned their own success.

One interview indicated that Watson said she is "a bit of feminist". Outstanding girls are always a bit of feminist.

I believe feminism should never exist. There is feminism because there are too many arrogant and ignorant men. It's actually a pity, and men should do some self reflections.

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