Your TV: Killer or Teacher?

Today’s New York Times has a small article on the Business section, saying that kids from 2-5 year old watch on average 25 hours of TV per week, plus 7 extra hours of DVDs, computer games and so on.

Last year when I was in Germany, my host family told me that a German adult watch on average 3 hours of TV per day. I just can’t understand how a human could spend a third of his day time in from of a TV set. I am always shocked when I hear these figures. And I feel very worried.

The influence is very profound. We are what we see and hear. Our behavior is heavily influenced by our surrounding. Most TV programs are full of violence and sex. Therefore it is not hard to understand the high violence rate and more and more frequent serious crime. When crime and sex become the psychological and biological pattern in our mind and body, our world becomes passive and dirty. And this pattern is strengthened every day and night by media.

Someone said: maybe next time when we take a family picture, we should put our TV set in the picture, too. Many people spend more time with their TV than with their family. They don’t smile to their friends, but laugh wildly with TV shows.

Each TV is a teacher in the household. There are millions of TV teachers around the nation, but they don’t teach good things. Sometimes I really hope that all TV channels will broadcast one hour of Buddhist master’s teaching per day to purify people soul.

There’s a famous experience conducted by a Japanese scientist. He proved that water is influenced by human thoughts. When we give the water a blessing of love and hope and then put the water into a fridge, the water crystal is extremely beautiful. But when we think about killing and hate, the crystal will be very ugly.

If this is what thought can do to water, imagine what thoughts can do to us, considering that human body are 80% water.

Media can be the most powerful tool to change this sad situation. But most media is driven by profit, not happiness or quality of life. If this equation can not be broken, human will suffer longer in the trap he himself made. Maybe my career will eventually focus on combining economic incentive with doing good things, creating a good mechanism that real virtues are rewarded, building a moral media while maintaining good income. Let’s wait and see.

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