It's Thursday night. I have no classes for tomorrow, so I want to relax a bit and watch something interesting. I remembered a friend told me about the film: Zeitgeist. Something like conspiracy theory. I though that might be fun, and I watched it. (On Google Video: http://video.google.com/videoplay?docid=-594683847743189197#)

I am not relaxed after watching it. Not at all. I know that explaining things with the label of "Conspiracy Theory" is a lazy way of discovering the truth. But the fact and details unveiled by this film is too powerful and strong, especially the part on 9.11. I believe "Zeitgeist" is much closer to the truth than the official explanation.

At the same time, I feel very confused. I can't understand why those "elites" are doing all these things. I can't understand their motivation of building a world government, making that much money or controlling the world. And I think they are never going to succeed because this kind of super power is just not suitable for any group of human. This super power will destroy anyone who try to get it.

In comparison to US, Chinese government may lack transparency. But everyone knows the logic, desire and purpose of the Party and high officials. So people understand and tolerate, to some extend, the corruptions because we are all human being. But what was revealed in the "Zeitgeist" movie, it's just crazy and impossible for normal people to comprehend: why they are doing this? what for? Where do they want to go?

I'm still too far away from the truth.

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