Message from Avatar

I went to watch Avatar tonight. The film is visually powerful. Maybe the plot is a bit predictable, but I think it is sending out a very good message. The human arrogance, the army, the corporations, the lack of respect and understanding of nature... The film should be premiere at the Copenhagen summit.

Our culture now is not even tolerant enough to accommodate different religions and races, what if one day we really face some other intelligence on other planet? I hope we don't make such discoveries because we are not well prepared to face them. Our culture is not that advanced or tolerant to live with other intelligent species.

When I was watching Avatar, I think I was watching a history film, a history of colonialism and imperialism. But native Americans don't have flying dragons, so they were removed.

I support China's policy of developing its economy first. When you don't have the hard power, you can't persuade others by talking about morals. Several decades ago, if China don't have nuclear bomb, US and Russia won't sit down with you at the same table. You have to be strong enough first. And then you can carry out your own rules and do what is right. So power comes ahead of anything else! But superpowers always tend to abuse the power. So we are still looking for a solution, a balance.

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