New Year at New York City & dreams

No, I actually didn't go to Time Square to watch the ball come down. It was cold and wet and dangerous =)

I saw the "Nutcracker" at New York City Ballet on New Year's Eve. It was so enjoyable! My mind was very much purified.

In the past week, I have spent most of my time (and money) at Lincoln center. Two operas at Metropolitan Opera, two concerts from New York Philharmonic, one Ballet and one musical. Going to these performances has been one of my best investments!

My Hampshire student ID has been the most powerful license for me because as I student, I can get discount tickets everywhere. This is a great system because students are the future (performers, audience and benefactors), and they can't afford the high prices now. This is an angel investment in the future generation.

SO many things have happened, and sometimes things happen so fast that I don't have enough time to think about them. And these days, I didn't write enough, so a lot of thoughts might be lost.

I have had some interesting dreams these nights, and some old memories came back to me, things that I would never remember when I am awake. Some old dreams reappeared in my mind. Like one night I had a dream that I am flying just like swimming in the air. The feeling is so real that I get very confused when I woke up. Maybe I'm more awake and clear when I am dreaming.

I like dreams, and I have a lot of dreams. This might meant that my sleep is not very deep, but I would accept this trade-off. Wonderful things happen when I am dreaming. And when I'm dreaming, I'm living another life. So I'm alive 24 hours a day!

When we dream, we forget about reality. When we wake up, we forget about our dreams. There are just a few situations where dream and reality meet.

I realized a lot of things from dreaming, and I learned a lot from my dreams. Sometimes I'm really impressed by what I have said or done in my dreams. I give better speeches in dreams.

When I'm dreaming, I have less control over my consciousness, so I can see my true self better. I can see what has really been troubling me, what's really deep inside of me. And I accomplish great things in dreams, and those scenes give me inspiration for the day.

In my world, there is no boundary between dream and reality. They are both me, at least part of me.

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