It's a Wonderful Life

I'm very grateful that I can watch a great movie with great people. "It's a Wonderful Life", this old black and white film is more powerful than most of the multi-million-dollar productions these days. I will benefit my whole life from this film.

Everyone would agree after watching this film that love, friendship, family is the most beautiful thing in the end, but why do we keep forgetting it? I think that's because we are surrounded by them so much and so deeply that we fail to realize that they exist. We take too many things for granted that their importance fades and they drop off our priority list.

Success, wealth, power, these things are more rare for ordinary people, thus they seem more precious. And the media and public opinion make things worse. "Rare is precious", this is a very crucial line of code in the programing of human brain. We need to realize it, control it, and use it in a good way.

The film remind me of something that I have repeatedly written down in my diary. "Mr. Potter" in the film is cold blooded and cruel and business oriented. That's why he can do business well. Mr Potter said George's father is a man of high ideal, but without enough common sense. This resonate with me.

Good will, high ideals, they are very important. They are the anchor. But they are far from enough. Without a powerful fist and brilliant practice, I will only be a "good person". That's not me. In order to practice good on a higher level, you have to first accept evil as it is, learn about evil, and then be stronger than the evil. That's what I am doing. That's why I want to keep both good and evil inside me. Good is my sword, and evil is my shield.

The film also reminds me that a good partner is a blessing. No matter it is a partner in life or a partner in business, good partners can change the law of nature: 1+1>2. When you have two great spirits working or living together, all good things will be amplified, and bad things cut in half.

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