Proud of Hampshire & Students are the Future!

I just came back from the 2010 Five College Film festival. The film fest showed 25 short films selected from over 80 submissions. Among the 25 films, 12 of them are from Hampshire! The passion and creativity of Hampshire students blew me away once again. I am very proud of Hampshire!

While watching the "College Collage" by "Team Believe", Ella and I simultaneously said that this film should be put on the admission website. It wonderfully demonstrated Hampshire's academic diversity and energy, and the film itself is a great work. Or the school can fund students to produce more creative work like this. That would be the best investment and advertising for Hampshire.

Throughout the film I am thinking why the school is so uncreative as we address the crisis. Maybe the administration is too far away from students. Maybe they are too high up there and lose sense of what the students are thinking or doing. People are only familiar with the tools they have, and trust only those things that are familiar to them. When the administration face a financial issues, they think of recruiting more new students, cut pays, fire people etc. But students think in a different way and we have different "tools". And I believe students has more creativity in saving the college. In the end, this is our college.

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