Love Hampshire's evaluation system!

I just read my professors' evaluation for me from last semester. I was SO thankful to them as well as to the Hampshire's evaluation system. This is indeed one of the best part of Hampshire's innovation.

When I read the words from my professor, it feels like that I can hear them talking to me. There are so many encouraging, constructive, critical points in their evaluations. I will benefit from them all the time, and they helped me understand myself much better. I love reading them over and over. I can feel their care and dedication. I am very grateful.

At the same time, I can imagine that these evaluations are a huge work load to our professors. Hampshire professors are the most hardworking in the valley. The support they give to Hampshire students are luxurious!

I do think that Hampshire students have a very luxurious life. Of course, not luxurious in a physical way, but in the resource, support, opportunities, creativity and much more. This level of spiritual/academic luxury really requires a solid financial support. And we don't have it!

Our financial situation does not match our "life style". We should pay our professors moch more than what they earn now. This is embarrassing for the college. The best professors in the valley are poorest paid. Think about what this will do to our future.

The current professors do not leave Hampshire because they LOVE this place. It is dedication, ideals and loyalty behind their work. But with our current financial situation, the school has already stopped to look for new professors to fill the vacant spots.

Honestly, I want to send my kids to Hampshire thirty years later, and I hope by that time Hampshire is still alive and thriving! I don't want to take my kids back here and point at a big, wasted farm and say, "Once upon a time, a paradise was here...."

What we can do now? One simple thing for this weekend: join the "Send Some Love" and share your love of this place with Hampshire alums, encouraging them to donate! Search for "Send Some Love" on Fcebook =)

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