The Pleasure of Reading Masterpieces

Being a college student is so much fun. One of my greatest pleasure is to read the most powerful classics from all nations and all times.

I'm taking World Politics at Amherst. The reading from this course is so lovely! We are sampling the greatest mind and greatest works on politics, human nature, war and peace, and international relations.

The pleasure of reading masterpieces is overwhelming, and it is twofold. First, the pleasure of meeting and masters, admiring them, learning from them, having a debate with them. You say, "Wow! This is the real master!", or, "Why haven't I thought of that?". The second layer of pleasure strikes me, usually unexpectedly and suddenly, when I say to myself, "Hey, I can do that, too!", or, "His ideas sounds like exactly what I have written down in the diary last week!"

The first kind of pleasure is a pleasure of learning, improving and enlightening. The second pleasure, conquering. When you challenge yourself hard enough, then you realize that you are born to be a "great master".

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