I haven't wrote much these days. Just like all college students, life become hectic when semester is about to end. But I guess I am doing fine because I don't feel too much stress, and I can still have 8 hours of sleep per day. Life has been good to me. I will make sure I don't waste the gift because I know what "normal" is.

We need balance in life. Soon enough, the first year at Hampshire is going to end. And then college is going to end, and who knows which day life is going to end, maybe sooner than we expect. The more I do, the more balance I need. Opportunity cost is too high for a young man.

Choices have to be made. Priorities have to be set. Sacrifice is inevitable. Let's not regret.

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Anonymous said...

I REALLY like your election statement and solutions posted on website. they are awesome and insightful!!! I do feel jealouse about your colorful and exciting campus life ... Looking forward to seeing u soon in Shanghai, and don't forget to inform me of your good news once you win election. I have suffice confidence in u.