I have many ideas now. I decide to write them down and share it. Why?

First, by writing down the ideas, I have a better chance to examine them. These thoughts would no longer be jammed in my brain. Maybe I will then find a pattern of my thinking. I can see the bottleneck in my logic.

Second, by recording my thoughts, I can look back in the future. It will be fun and embarrassing.

Third, by sharing these thoughts, there will be discussion and challenges.

Thoughts are like apples on a tree. When the apple is ripe, you have to pick it. Otherwise it will fall on the ground and rot.

Now is the golden age for a young person. Everyday you jump out of the bed, ready for the new conquest and discovery. Even in your dreams, you just can't stop thinking.

You are worried that this machine is running crazy. But let it be! Do what your heart tells you to do.

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