The Nature of this Blog

I have been writing this blog for a while. This monologue is a tool for me to remind myself of certain things, and to organize and disorganize my thoughts. What comes out of it does not matter.

The thoughts are no longer mine once they are out there. Words here are just a discounted reflection of my past. By the time I finish typing a sentence, I have already evolved. I am constantly surprised and amused by my past writings. So, read it for fun, and remember, no refund guaranteed.

On the other hand, it's hard to look at our own thoughts objectively and from a distance. In the end, if we are not our thoughts, then what are we? But our thoughts never stay the same. The rate of change also defines us.

I don't mind who reads this blog, but Google knows too much about everyone. I have nothing to lose, and quite a lot gain. It's always a great pleasure to have discussions.

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