Productive Relaxation

College can be hard. Sometimes we just feel that we can't work anymore and need a rest. Relaxation is good. But there are productive relaxation and unproductive relaxation. Spending time on Facebook is probably the most prevalent "unproductive relaxation" for college students.

The difference between people is most clear by looking at what people do in their free time. Productive relaxation is a winners' quality. Here I'd like to give myself a reminder of what a productive relaxation should be.

If I am tired, the first thing to do is to close my computer. As long as I am sitting in front of a screen, there's a very strong temptation to engage in unproductive recreation. The internet is indeed a web. Once trapped, hard to get out.

Once I get out the control of the internet, I am in charge again. There are endless good choices. Pick up the guitar, play the flute, or go outside the mod and have some fresh air. Go running, go swimming, even go sleeping. Read a book, write diary, or simply day dream and empty my mind. Go talk to people, socialize, brainstorm, connect. Life is beautiful.


Ben Quarless said...

I reall lke this ONe Zilong. You have inspired me to start my own Diary.

Zilong said...

Hi Ben,

Great to hear from you! If you do decide to write, please be sure to send me the link. I would be very interested!