Look Back, Look Around, Look Ahead

Again, at the end of another semester, I am glad to say that I've had the best semester so far. Every semester in the past has been the best by then, and I'm pretty sure that future semesters will only get even better.

This semester's courses are built upon a "base-superstructure" paradigm. Logic gives me a microscope, and philosophy gives me a telescope to see the human intellectual adventures. China, economic development and resource politics give me a strong sense of reality and mission. Both the philosophical world and the material world are as real as it can be. The questioning and conquering have just started. I am creating the world again. Five colleges really offer the best professors and atmosphere. I'm very grateful.

Winter break is long and short. Time to recharge, to settle down, and to reflect. There are some strategic questions to think about.

Next semester will be a very important one. Hampshire is going through a strategic planning process. What comes out of it will determine what Hampshire will be like in 2050. Second half of the game.

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