Back from Freedom Ride

I just came back from the 11-day 2011 Student Freedom Ride. It was indeed a life-changing experience. It has just planted the seed in me, and I will use the rest of my time to nurture it. I am deeply grateful for all your support. Although I am still in the process of rumination and reflection, I would like to share with you my learning and experience here, and I would love your critique and feedback.

You will find five essays and a few videos from me here:


Please feel free to explore the website which is full of interesting, original contents created by the Student Riders all along the Ride.

Here’s my interview with NPR’s “Tell Me More” program, summarizing the Ride:


I will keep writing and updating, sharing and exchanging with you on my blog:


By the way, among the 40 students on the bus, there is another (former) Hampshire student. Her name is Carla Orendorff.

Here are some of my recommended posts:

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Omar said...

What a great experience Zilong! I just read some of your diary entries as well as saw the several video interviews with you and other student-riders. I am so glad you got to participate.



ajm09 said...
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ajm09 said...

Zilong, congratulations.

I am very pleased to see the direction that you are taking your thinking and your studies. I particularly like you two most recent essays.

Each are concepts that I discussed in my finals this semester, and each are concepts that I have taken with me into summer: How to navigate the complexity of current issues, and how one helps and harms the planet of tomorrow, each present day.

As you suggest, it is crucial for people who want to build a healthier, more peaceful world to use all of our new tools, like the internet, to share, stay connected and advance our solutions. Thanks for posting your work to the Hampshire community!

Keep on going! I would love to talk more,


Zilong said...

Omar, thank you very much for your support!

Andrew, it sounds like you will have a soul-searching and exciting summer. I would love to hear more of your thinking! Let catch up in the Fall.