What I Study & What I Do

Here's my current articulation of two important questions:
  • What I Study
    • Physical: "Trinity of E" --- Energy, Economy, Ecology
    • Metaphysical: History and Philosophy
  • What I Do
    • Field: Creating Sustainable Future for Communities, Corporations and Countries (the Three Cs); New Energy Industry
    • Role: Communications, Management, Investing
For my academic study, I divide my learning into "physical" and "metaphysical" branches --- walking with two legs. The metaphysical branch sharpens the faculty; the physical branch gives me a playground to test and practice my philosophy. The "Trinity of E" is inspired by my advisor Michael Klare. Energy serves the Economy, and the Economy should serve the Nature.

For my future career, I break down the question into two --- what field do I want to be in, and what role do I want to play in that field. I want to be in the sustainability field, or the new energy industry in particular. In this field, my role will be communications, management, investing.

The field of sustainability is vast and fast-growing, but it is also fragmented and disorganized. We need an equivalent of Adam Smith or Darwin to clear up the field and make it an organic whole, providing a new lens to understand the world. This shall be one of my goals.

Finally, I will quote a motto of our Guy's in Hampshire's Outdoor Program: "Planning is essential, but plans are useless." I plan to change my plan at any minute, and I shall be most happy to find flaws in my previous plans.

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muxunyun said...

I always make some useless plans.
Long time no c, anyway ^^