From the Rolling Hills of Catskill Mountains

You are getting the report from the rolling hills of the Catskill Mountains, New York State.

I thought I was done climbing after the Berkshires. Well, beyond mountains there are mountains, as the Chinese saying goes.

Here are some photo updates:

Biking by the firm of Jonathan Wright, a wonderful Hampshire alum.

That American flag has brought a lot of goodwill and smiling faces so far. It seems like that only some Hampshire students and the confederate South take issue with the flag =)

Here is biking by Look Park in Florence, MA. Had many beautiful and tasty memories with Sue's big Cambodian family in there. Very nostalgic as I rode away, wondering when would be the next time for the whole gang to gather around the picnic table.

Here is the crossing into New York State.

And yes, beautiful hills on the other side of the Hudson River. But the problem is that I had to climb over them.

Depending on who's saying it.

And the rolling hills. Rolling upward.

Today was a beautiful day for biking, sunny and cloudy. At noon, I stopped by the Green Farm Market, and was warmly greeted. Thank you Joel and Gala for the apples and the yogurt, among other things. Kind people like these made the ride really worth it. I continue to be amazed by the trust, friendliness, and generosity by people along the way. There is no deficit of trust in the world -- in the mountains, at least.

I am now camping at the Wood family in Preston Hollow, NY. They not only let me camp, but also let me have a warm shower, and fed me a burger. Great conversations with the three generations in the family. This is such an upgrade from horse barn or cold hose full of ants.

When you are on your own, you have to learn things fast, because you can't rely on or blame anyone else. So, I have become quite comfortable, if not yet very skilled, at map navigation, cooking, and bike maintenance. Grateful for the re-education.

Today, stopped to ask for direction. The lady on the lawn mower looked at me and said, "You've got nothing better to do than biking around?" I said yes. She said, "What you graduated in?" "You mean my major in college? I studied history and philosophy." "Huh, a lot of philosophizing here in the mountains, I bet ya." She was right.

Later in the trip, more ruminations and meditations to share!


Anonymous said...

Great photos Zilong! Love the comments too! Glenna and Earl

eoin said...

Zilong......I'm the guy you talked to briefly in the parking lot,old guy on blue bike with red hat, my name is Owen, I admire your adventurous spirt and hope your trip satisfies all your expectations....."Gods Speed"

Will be following U on the net

Juliette said...

You spent the night in Preston Hollow: 15 miles north from where I was staying (near Catskill). You would have loved the place, very inspiring. I would have loved to see you in your bike shorts too. Next time!